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Those of us who work with products and product development know that the tooling industry has a bright future. We will always be needed. There would be no products—no automobiles, medicine cabinets, airplanes or washing machines—without us. No mobile telephones, tablets or computers either. That’s right: Without tools, human existence here on earth would be pretty dreary.

Our unique production process allows us to act responsibly and help Swedish manufacturing maintain the sustainable business strategies that comply with a legal framework for protecting the environment, human rights, occupational safety, business ethics, anticorruption and equality—in other words, all the important and necessary sustainability requirements of society. All companies need to review all aspects of their business; that is, what we do and how we do it. For the environment and for humanity. That is what we strive for at Lidhs, and we hope you will too.

I sometimes get asked why I stayed at the same company since the 1980s. I usually say it is because I have always benefited from the work at Lidhs and all the challenges I faced along the way. I’ve had the good fortune to grow with the company that employs me. I started out as a toolmaker, became a designer and then manager of the design department. By the time I was offered the job of CEO, I had been production manager and plant manager both here in Dalstorp and in Tyringe. Basically I have never had reason to look elsewhere and have always liked my job. That’s why I stayed with Lidhs Tooling.

The tooling industry has an important role to play in the future, and at Lidhs we are ready. We are a highly skilled workforce, are located near our customers, and offer rapid delivery. We constantly invest in technical innovation to keep being a cost-effective alternative for our customers. Or, as we say here in Dalstorp: There will always be a need to bend metal, and we make the tools to do it.

Magnus Andersson, CEO