Lidhs Magasin #2 2019

You can now read our new e-magazine, Lidhs Magasin #2 2019! It´s important that we don´t fear change in this changing world. At Lidhs, we believe in the young people´s innovative thinking and with us there are good opportunities to develop within the company. Read, among other things, about our new staff in production and[…]

Watch our new movie about Lidhs Tooling

We’ve learned that it’s up to us to work together in a long-term and sustainable way. Our unique production process responsibly contributes to sustainable manufacturing. It’s important that everyone feel confident that we value human rights, a healthy workplace, and ethical business practices. Tooling is essentially about making an idea into reality. Staying ahead in[…]

New owner of VA Tooling in Dalstorp

A company transfer of VA Tooling’s Dalstorp factory was completed on Wednesday, June 27, 2018. The company went bankrupt on May 9 this year and has been run by bankruptcy managers for this time. It is former owner Harriet Lidh who, together with current plant manager Magnus Andersson, has taken over the business. The new[…]