New owner of VA Tooling in Dalstorp

A company transfer of VA Tooling’s Dalstorp factory was completed on Wednesday, June 27, 2018. The company went bankrupt on May 9 this year and has been run by bankruptcy managers for this time. It is former owner Harriet Lidh who, together with current plant manager Magnus Andersson, has taken over the business. The new company will be ca I led Lidh’s Tooling and take over staff, assets and operations in Dalstorp.
Magnus Andersson will be Managing Director of Lidh’s Tooling, and Harriet Lidh, as Chairman of the Board, will primarily work on strategic development issues for the company.

“We are very pleased to be able to drive the business in Dalstorp further,” says Harriet Lidh. It is the site manager along with management and staff that made this possible, and I am impressed with the driving force and loyalty that the company’s staff demonstrated du ring this turbulent time. Even many of the company’s major customers have demonstrated a great deal of cooperation to find a solution for the Dalstorp factory.

After working in the tool industry for mast of our professional life, we feel strongly about the need for tool manufacturing in Sweden. We thank you for the support and trust we have received in recent months from customers, suppliers, colleagues and partners. You should know that it has been a great help in our process! We will now continue to work as a professional tool manufacturer and hope for continued good cooperation with many positive contacts with you in the future!

The staff at Lidhs Tooling
by VD Magnus Andersson, +4670-653 03 19

Dalstorp den 27 juni 2018